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Portrait Sculpture with Andrew Thorne

Over the course of 4 weeks, students will learn to construct a proper armature, model individual facial features, and how to realistically sculpt a ¾ portrait from life, using a live model. Sessions will include detailed instructions on how to sculpt the portrait from the model, how to use measurements, different sculpting tools, and how to sculpt specific features using an observational approach. Each class will take place on Monday evening from 5pm to 8pm in which the instructor will sculpt from the model, while describing a step-by-step process, answering questions and pointing out key areas in the sculpt to take note of. Students will work alongside the instructor while gaining advice and personal critiques as they progress through the portrait. Anatomical structure as well as how to achieve a strong likeness will be discussed.

Cost for the course is $375 per student.

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